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Empowering Beauty: My Experience Shooting With Plus Size Model, Care – Master Liz Photography

Greetings everyone, I am Liz, the soul and camera behind Master Liz Photography. As a photographer, my vision is to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Recently, I had an incredibly empowering journey shooting with the stunning plus size model, Care. In this blog post, I am excited to share the details of our session and why this experience was so meaningful for me.

Our societies tend to narrow down the definition of beauty, often demanding unrealistic perfection from women. As a female photographer, I take it upon myself to challenge these norms and create a more inclusive space, both inside and outside of my lens. Care, with her confidence and elegance, has always been an inspiration in this mission of mine.

Working with Care was a noteworthy experience. She brought an electrifying energy to the shoot which, coupled with her positive body image, resonated with my vision. Seeing her comfortable in her skin, embracing her curves and radiant smiles; it was evident that she was more than just a model - she was a statement of beauty, body positivity and self-love.

Photoshoots with plus size models require a unique approach. With Care, I focused on highlighting her natural curves in a way that's empowering and comfortable. We incorporated poses that showcased her beauty in its full glory - no hiding, no sh

yness. From the choice of vibrant clothing that accentuated her features to selecting backdrops that contrasted and complimented her, every detail was given thoughtful consideration.

Throughout it all, Care's spirit enlightened the environment. There was no struggle of fitting into desired measurements, but just an admirable woman embracing herself joyfully, and that’s what made the photographs so much more alluring and genuine. Her confidence and positivity are infectious, and they translate flawlessly into each photograph.

This session with Care was a reminder that as a photographer, and a woman, it’s essential to create our definitions of beauty and not conform to the ones set by society. Beauty is not restricted to a size 0; it is fluid and radiant in all forms.

Looking at the images from our session, I am reminded of the power of photography: to challenge perspectives, to tell a story, and to empower. Care’s story, her confidence, and her grace continue to inspire me and serve as a beacon for my work.

Embrace your uniqueness, embrace your body, and remember, we're all beautiful in our special ways. Celebrate yourself, because you are worthy!

Thank you, Care, for being a beautiful soul and a significant part of this transformative journey of mine. I look forward to creating more magical moments with fabulous women like you who redefine beauty standards with grace and confidence.

Remember, don't let anyone dim your light, especially if your light is worth shining.

Stay tuned for more inspiring photography narratives, tips and experiences and don't forget to love yourself first.


Master Liz Photography.

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