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Welcome to Wanderlove Elopement Photography! I’m Master Liz, and my passion is capturing beautiful, authentic moments of love against the backdrop of our magnificent world. With over 30 countries under my belt, I not only bring my skills as a seasoned photographer but also an intimate understanding of the most stunning locations on the planet.

I specialize in elopement photography, and it is my heart's joy to create images imbued with the palpable feelings of romance and adventure. But I want to give you more than just beautiful photos – I want to craft a breathtaking experience, a romantic photographic getaway, tailored to exactly what your heart desires. From rustic European villages to exotic Asian landscapes, from snow-capped peaks in the Rockies to the tropical beaches, whatever your dream location, I'll help you make it a reality.

As a global wanderer, I've filled my life and lens with the colors, textures, and light of the world. These experiences have sculpted my distinctive photography style, characterized by rich hues, magical golden hour shots, and ethereal scenery. With my camera in hand, I’ll document your treasured love story amidst these extraordinary settings, delivering photographs that reflect your unique bond and narrative.

Navigating foreign locations and cultures has instilled in me a remarkable ability to plan and execute the perfect photographic getaway. I'll lend my expertise, helping you with everything from location scouting, permits, and logistics to the best areas to snap those priceless sunrise and sunset shots. In every step of your elopement journey, my priority is ensuring your experience is as unique and romantic as the story we're capturing.

Dive into the world of Wanderlove Elopement Photography, a celebration of love, and the thrill of the journey it takes us on. Let's create the elopement adventure of your dreams, immortalized in timeless photographs that'll take your breath away, each time you revisit them.

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